Ultimate Guide to Funerals (e-Book) - Suite of 4 Products by Sally Cant

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A suite of funeral celebrant resources (e-books) which offers you everything you need to know for planning and delivering an authentic funeral ceremony. 

Each product is a valuable stand-alone resource or collectively offers comprehensive information about every aspect of a funeral. 

  1. The Basics - From initial contact with the client to a cremation or graveside burial, it is a framework to assist you. Using The Basics as a guide and reference, a celebrant can create and develop their own professional style.
  2. Ceremony Writing - takes you through the writing process and provides you with suggested copy on a range of difficult subjects. e.g. suicide, murder, car accident, death of babies, young children, and disasters. Regular ceremonies are easy to find in many books and websites, but this gives you specific sections that you can modify to suit those challenging funerals you may face.
  3. Forms and Scripts - templates that enable you to systematically capture everything you need for funeral planning including:
  • Family interview questionnaire
  • Working sheets for Funeral Arrangers/Planners
  • Booking contract
  • Order of service

4. Fact Sheets. offers insight, wisdom and strategies that cover many topics associated with the funeral industry. They include DIY Funerals, Green Funerals, Managing Emotions, Speaking at Funerals, Problem Solving, End of Life Doula, Shrouded Burials/Cremations, Funeral/Death Care Advocates, Cultural Considerations, Disability Considerations etc.

MARG PALMER - You have a gem package in these and relevant for the newbie through to the experienced Celebrant. Love your fact sheets and forms but in particular I was really impressed with all the difficult situations that you covered – you have so many variations and while we may hope we don’t encounter all of them there will be many that we will, or have already. I was super impressed that you provided information and guidance on Maori and Pacific Island situations – thank you. So, a wonderful set of resources that I have already put to use.

A good ceremony can change lives.
A great ceremony can transform lives.

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