Having made the decision to retire after 30+ years as a teacher, I decided to reinvent myself and pursue my dream of becoming a Celebrant.  It was a step into the ‘unknown’ and being a stickler for detail, I wanted to ensure that I created a foundation from where I could build my skills. Education was the key. I chose The Celebrant Training College to begin my study and am so grateful I did! To date, I have completed both the ‘Creating Excellent Ceremonies and Business’ course as well as the ‘Marriage Celebrancy and the Law’ workshop. These courses were challenging, covering a lot of information, but it was delivered in chunks that were easy to absorb. Jane Godfrey, the presenter was engaging, supportive and extremely professional.l I now feel more confident and ready to begin my Celebrant journey. I am better prepared to deliver a personalised ceremony and professional service to my clients.  Without a doubt, I thoroughly recommend The Celebrant Training College.

Anne Costello

Thank you for a fantastic weekend once again were amazing, I love your honesty and humour. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.I'm already busily starting my assignments which I want to get completed before the next one. So, yes please I would be a definite for the Creative Writing course.

Jo Massey - Tauranga

Right from the very first phone call to the end of my face to face training, I experienced nothing but professionalism and being made to feel welcome and valued. I have chosen to do the Diploma in Celebrancy, however, I did consider the option of just doing one of the units – Weddings...fair to say I’m hooked and doing the lot!

Thank you to my tutors for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and letting me know an email or a phone call will answer any questions I have. I am feeling very prepared for my role as a an authorised Celebrant. I have no hesitation in recommending ‘The Celebrant Training College’. Please feel free to forward my details should anyone like to talk further about the ‘quality training and support’ you and your team provide.

Trish O’Brien (Kerikeri)

Thank you so much!! I am feeling inordinately excited to have attained this Diploma; without your support (above and beyond) and pragmatic approach I would not have completed it! Your encouragement and excellent feedback have really kept me on track and I am very grateful for it.

Susan Holgate (Lawrence)

Thank you for Funeral Celebrant Course. I thoroughly enjoyed your straight forward, no nonsense approach to the delivery. I felt as though I gained a significant insight into funeral celebrancy and it ignited my desired to study more. Thank you again for the effort you put into this course, I appreciated it.

Rosie Waller - Rotorua

After contemplating the idea of becoming a celebrant for quite a number of years, 2018 was my year of change - of exploring new opportunities, re-discovering my passion for writing, and embarking on a new journey of professional and personal development. 

I’ve always valued the opportunity to undertake formal learning, and the Diploma of Celebrancy offered by the Celebrants Training College provided me the flexibility to study at my own pace as well as to learn from experienced and highly respected celebrants in a collaborative environment. 

The insight, support and encouragement provided by the tutors has been invaluable. The course itself is designed to provide you with a solid understanding of all aspects of celebrancy, from personal and business branding, to designing and leading ceremonies for all situations and scenarios. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying and working with like-minded people, who all strive to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Andrea Brady (Auckand)

I chose The Celebrants Training College because of its flexible approach to training. The course materials are well structured and each topic is dealt with thoroughly. The trainers have a wealth of knowledge and helped to build my confidence as the course progressed. One of the best aspects of the course are the take-home questions, which means you can put into practice the things you have just learnt.

The real value of the course lies in the way my written and presentation skills were developed by learning to focus on the needs of the client first, then articulating those needs into a well-written, personalised ceremony. These professional skills are vital to being a celebrant. This is an excellent course for anyone who is currently, or who is considering a career as, a celebrant.

Cherryl Caradoc-Davies (Otago)

As a newly appointed Celebrant in 2017, I was full of hope for what lay ahead but felt an equal sense that I was ill-equipped to be entrusted with significant life rituals.

I was in no doubt that education would be key to acquiring the necessary skills to fully embrace this new role with a sense of confidence and ‘gusto’, so with this in mind I embarked upon an exciting journey of discovery with The Celebrants Training College.

It was on completion of the first weekend module that I was left with a real sense of satisfaction and gratification.  Satisfaction that I would gain the essential skills I had been seeking, and gratification for the Tutors who lead each course with enthusiasm and passion.  Much like any new path, my journey towards completion of The Diploma of Celebrancy had both high and low points, but I never felt unsupported by either my Tutors or the collegial support network that I’d developed.

Relationships that were forged during my time at the college have developed into highly supportive professional networks, and I would recommend this course of study without hesitation to either prospective or existing celebrants.  I firmly believe that this course of study has elevated me to a level of ability far beyond my newly appointed status, and furthermore has given me a point of difference in an increasingly competitive market.

Darran Watson-Vaughan (Auckland)

A few months ago I chose The Celebrant Training College as my preferred provider after researching what is available in New Zealand.  My first module - Marriage Ceremony and the Law was an awesome experience filled with great learning outcomes and as a result the follow up work was easy to follow and complete.  A month later I attended the Creative Writing and business two day weekend and found completing the follow on work was comprehensive and relative to what I had been taught.  The whole experience was fun and I met some awesome colleagues along the way whom, I am now in contact with.  I look forward to the Funeral module and completing my Diploma in Celebrancy.  Thank you to the The Celebrant Training College. 

Shona Fitzpatrick (Tauranga)